Guidelines for reporting research on complementary medicine therapies


The adequate reporting of research methods and research results is an important part of the research enterprise, and many specific guidelines have been developed during the past two decades. General guidelines for reporting research studies include CONSORT (for reporting randomized controlled trials), and PRISMA (for reporting of systematic reviews). Reporting guidelines that are of particular interest for complementary medicine include the CONSORT extension for Chinese Herbal Medicine formulas, the CONSORT extension for acupuncture interventions, the CONSORT extension for herbal medicine interventions, the CONSORT extension for non-pharmacological interventions and the CONSORT extension for moxibustion (proposed). Additional reporting guidelines that may be of interest include guidelines for reporting music interventions (not a CONSORT extension) and the Standards of Reporting Kampo Products (STORK). The website of the EQUATOR (Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research) Network is an excellent resource for links to reporting guidlines, including guidelines translated into languages other than English.