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If you are interested in writing a Cochrane review, see information about how to begin the process here.

In additional to writing Cochrane reviews, there are several other ways to become involved in the work of Cochrane. At Cochrane Complementary Medicine, we focus on complementary medicine, and maintain a list of people who are interesting in joining us in supporting Cochrane reviews and related evidence on complementary, alternative and integrative medicine. Filling out the information below will allow us to contact you when opportuntities that meet your interests arise.

Some opportunities may include:

  • Peer review a Cochrane review as a consumer or content expert
  • Write summaries or commentaries upon Cochrane reviews
  • Help identify difficult-to-find randomized controlled trials in complementary medicine
  • Identify priorities for future Cochrane reviews in complementary medicine
  • Raise awareness of the Cochrane Collaboration and the Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field

To become involved, please fill out the form below. Your request will be sent to staff from Cochrane Complementary Medicine, who will contact you as appropriate. Your contact information will not be shared for other purposes.

Please enter first name and middle inital, if any.
Please enter last name.
Please let us know if you have any previous experience with the Cochrane Collaboration or other evidence-based medicine organizations or activities.
If you select Yes, we may e-mail you up to four times per year with updates on CAM-related Cochrane reviews or Cochrane Complementary Medicine activities.
I would be interested in carrying out the following activities:
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Please let us know your complementary medicine areas of interest or expertise (e.g., acupuncture, yoga). The more specific you are about your areas of interest, and your level of expertise, the better we will be able to match you up with any opportunities that may arise.
Please let us know your medical areas of interest or expertise. If you are interested in general health or wellness in addition to specific medical conditions (e.g., cardiovascular disease) list general health as well as the specific medical conditions. Again, the more specific you are about your areas of interest, the better we will be able to match you up with any opportunities that may arise.