Cochrane Reviews related to Complementary Medicine

Here you can browse through Cochrane reviews related to complementary medicine. If you click on 'By Subtopic' you will see all the reviews organized in a tree according to the broad type of complementary therapy (eg, alternative medical systems, mind-body interventions). Approximately 10% of Cochrane reviews have complementary medicine interventions as a primary or secondary focus. For an explanation of what is included in the scope of the Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field, see our scope here. For an overview of how we decide whether Cochrane reviews are related to complementary medicine, see our published description of the criteria and selection process here.

Clicking on the title of the review will send you to the full review in the Cochrane Library if the review is open access or if you have an institutional or personal subscription. If the review is not open access and you do not have a subscription, you will be directed to the freely-available abstract and plain language summary. 

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Alternative Medical Systems (260)
East Asian traditional medicine (205)
East Asian herbal medicine (201)
Homeopathy (27)
Natural Product Based Therapies (1361)
Herbal Medicine (231)
Coffee/Caffeine (21)
Cannabis (29)
Other plants or plant extracts (50)
Nutrition therapy (997)
Diet therapy (153)
Other diet therapies (59)
Dietary supplements (844)
Amino acids (85)
Fats (109)
Hormones (50)
Probiotics and Prebiotics (91)
Minerals (145)
Vitamins (238)
Other supplements (106)
Oxygen therapy (31)
Topical therapies (67)
Energy Therapies (376)
Acupuncture therapies (184)
Acupuncture and acupressure (169)
Electric stimulation therapy (114)
Magnetic therapy (32)
Manipulative and Body-Based Methods (87)
Massage (50)
Mind-Body Interventions (380)
Biofeedback (30)
Biofeedback for neck pain (protocol stage)
Biofeedback for neck pain (protocol stage)
Hypnosis (34)
Meditation and mindfulness-based interventions (58)
Relaxation techniques (41)
Sensory art therapies (74)
Music therapies (44)
Unconventional psychological therapies (eg EMDR, Morita, 'third wave' etc) (64)
Yoga (48)
Yoga for schizophrenia (protocol stage)
Yoga for schizophrenia (protocol stage)