More about Cochrane Fields

Cochrane Fields are groups that serve as bridges between the review activities carried out by Cochrane Review Groups and the wider community within the Field area of interest. For example, Cochrane Complementary Medicine works with clinicians, researchers, and consumers both to disseminate Cochrane reviews in the area of complementary, alternative, or integrative medicine, and to inform the production by Cochrane Review Groups of these reviews. You can find more general information about Cochrane Fields and how they are organized and operate here.

Each individual Cochrane Field is listed below, including the Consumer Network, which serves to involve consumers in the production of Cochrane reviews. You can view the website for the group by clicking on the group name.

Cochrane Child Health

Cochrane Health Care for Older People

Cochrane Insurance Medicine

Cochrane Neurological Sciences

Cochrane Nursing Care

Cochrane Nutrition

Cochrane Pre-hospital and Emergency Care

Cochrane Primary Health Care

Cochrane Rehabilitation

Cochrane Consumer Network