Registering a Cochrane review

Cochrane is undergoing organizational and procedural restructuring to improve the process of review preparation and publication. As of June 2022, the procedure for proposing a new or updated Cochrane review is to submit a proposal to Cochrane centrally. Go to for more information.

Briefly, Cochrane has always existed as a network of several different types of groups, with different responsibilities. In the past, Cochrane Review Groups, organized according to type of disease or body system, have had responsibility for registering new Cochrane reviews. Cochrane Complementary Medicine is not a Cochrane Review Group, therefore we have never directly registered and overseen individual Cochrane reviews. Instead, as a Cochrane Field, we have worked with multiple Cochrane Review Groups to serve as a resource for the production and dissemination of Cochrane reviews in complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine. You can find out more about Cochrane Fields here.

Cochrane procedures around review production will continue to evolve and we will monitor these changes and post information on this page. Please feel free to contact Dr. L. Susan Wieland, Director of Cochrane Complementary Medicine, at if you have questions.