Registering a Cochrane review

Cochrane Review Groups, which are organised according to type of disease or body system, have responsibility for registering Cochrane reviews. Cochrane Complementary Medicine is a Cochrane Field and not a Cochrane Review Group, therefore we do not directly register and oversee individual Cochrane reviews. Instead, as a Field, we serve as a resource for the production and dissemination of Cochrane reviews in complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine. You can find out more about Cochrane Fields here.

If you wish to author a Cochrane review, check the list of Cochrane Review Groups to identify the Review Group that is relevant to your topic.  Check the Cochrane Library and the Review Group website to see whether the Group already has a review or protocol on your topic. If it appears that your topic has not been registered with the Group, contact the Managing Editor of the Review Group for more information.  If you need assistance with identifying the correct Cochrane Review Group, or have questions about this process, we are happy to help you. Contact Dr. L. Susan Wieland, the Complementary Medicine Field Coordinator, at for more information.