Ovid translation of the CAM on PubMed Search Strategy

The following OVID MEDLINE translation of the CAM on PubMed search strategy was updated in March 2017 by Becky Skidmore. It updates the strategy developed by Becky Skidmore and Tamara Rader in 2015 which, in turn, built on the 2013 version of the strategy by Margaret Sampson and her team at the Chalmers Research Group.  

To adapt this strategy to OVID and make it appropriate for an international audience, appropriate word variations (e.g., American/British spellings, hyphenated spellings, singulars and plurals) were added.  Use of field labels was standardized and proximity searching was adjusted to decrease sensitivity and increase specificity. We updated the search to address gaps in the coverage and incorporated new vocabulary for emerging CAM concepts (e.g., environmental interventions such as therapeutic gardens, exposure to nature). The search strategy is current as of March 2017.

We have posted it on our website in the event that librarians may find it helpful in the development of their own search strategies for identifying CAM-related studies. Librarians, researchers, and others may freely use the entire strategy or portions thereof (e.g., search strings related to herb study identification or those related to massage study identification) to assist with their searching for CAM-related studies in OVID databases.  

Suggested citation:  Ovid translation of the CAM on PubMed search strategy [Internet]. Baltimore (MD): Cochrane Complementary Medicine; University of Maryland Center for Integrative Medicine; 2017. [cited 2017 Mar 23]. Available from: /ovid-translation-cam-pubmed-search-strategy.

CAM Update - CMR - MEDLINE - Revised

2017 Mar 20 - Includes environmental health concepts

1. acupuncture & electro therapeutics research.jn.

2. acupuncture in medicine.jn.

3. advances in mind body medicine.jn.

4. "african journal of traditional complementary & alternative medicines".jn.

5. alternative therapies in health & medicine.jn.

6. "alternative medicine review".jn.

7. "american journal of acupuncture".jn.

8. "american journal of chinese medicine".jn.

9. "australian journal of holistic nursing".jn.

10. beginnings.jn.

11. bmc complementary & alternative medicine.jn.

12. british homoeopathic journal.jn.

13. "chinese journal of integrative medicine".jn.

14. "chinese journal of natural medicines".jn.

15. "Complementary Health Practice Review".jn.

16. complementary therapies in clinical practice.jn.

17. complementary therapies in medicine.jn.

18. complementary therapies in nursing & midwifery.jn.

19. evidence based complementary & alternative medicine ecam.jn.

20. "explore the journal of science & healing".jn.

21. fitoterapia.jn.

22. (forschende komplementarmedizin or forschende komplementarmedizin 2006).jn.

23. forschende komplementarmedizin und klassische naturheilkunde.jn.

24. holistic nursing practice.jn.

25. homeopathie francaise.jn.

26. "homeopathy the journal of the faculty of homeopathy".jn.

27. integrative cancer therapies.jn.

28. integrative medicine insights.jn.

29. "international journal of medicinal mushrooms".jn.

30. "international journal of yoga therapy".jn.

31. "journal of acupuncture and meridian studies".jn.

32. "journal of alternative & complementary medicine".jn.

33. "journal of bodywork & movement therapies".jn.

34. "journal of complementary & integrative medicine".jn.

35. "journal of ethnobiology & ethnomedicine".jn.

36. "journal of ethnopharmacology".jn.

37. "journal of evidence based complementary & alternative medicine".jn.

38. "journal of herbal pharmacotherapy".jn.

39. "journal of holistic nursing".jn.

40. "journal of integrative medicine".jn.

41. "journal of manipulative & physiological therapeutics".jn.

42. "journal of medicinal food".jn.

43. "journal of the american institute of homeopathy".jn.

44. "journal of the society for integrative oncology".jn.

45. "journal of traditional chinese medicine".jn.

46. "journal of natural medicine".jn.

47. natural product communications.jn.

48. phytomedicine.jn.

49. phytotherapy research.jn.

50. planta medica.jn.

51. zhongguo zhenjiu.jn.

52. "zhongguo zhong xi yi jie he za zhi zhongguo zhongxiyi jiehe zazhi chinese journal of integrated traditional & western medicine zhongguo zhong xi yi jie he xue hui zhongguo zhong yi yan jiu yuan zhu ban".jn.

53. "zhongguo zhong yao za zhi zhongguo zhongyao zazhi china journal of chinese materia medica".jn.

54. "zhong xi yi jie he xue bao journal of chinese integrative medicine".jn.

55. zhonghua yi shi za zhi.jn.

56. or/1-55

57. exp Complementary Therapies/

58. ((alternative or complementary or integrative) adj (medicine or therapy or therapies)).tw,kw.

59. Orthomolecular Therapy/

60. ((orthomolecular or megavitamin or mega vitamin) adj (medicine or therapy or therapies)).tw,kw.

61. or/57-60

62. (megados* or mega dosage* or mega dose* or mega dosi* or high dosage* or high dose* or high dosi* or large dosage* or large dose* or large dosi* or adjuvant or unorthodox or unconventional or supplement$1 or supplementation$1).ti.

63. high daily intake$1.tw,kw.

64. exp Vitamins/

65. (vitamins or vitamin).tw,kw.

66. exp Vegetables/

67. vegetable$1.tw,kw.

68. Minerals/

69. (mineral or minerals).tw,kw.

70. exp Carotenoids/

71. (carotene or carotenes or carotenoid*).tw,kw.

72. Androstenedione/

73. Arachidonic Acid/

74. exp ascorbic acid/

75. Biotin/

76. (androstenedione or andro or arachidonic acid$1 or ascorbic acid$1 or "vitamin c" or biotin or boron or bromelain$1 or calcium or choline or chromium or colloidal silver or conjugated linoleic acid$1 or copper or docosahexaenoic acid$1 or dha or epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG or folic acid$1 or inositol or iodine or iron or "l-arginine" or lecithin or magnesium or manganese or molybdenum or niacin or niacinamide or phosphatidyl choline or plant oil$1 or potassium or pyridoxine or riboflavin or retinoid$1 or retinoic or retinal or selenium or silicon or thiamine or tocopherol$1 or vanadium or "vitamin a" or "vitamin d" or "vitamin e" or "vitamin k" or zinc or phytomedicine or micronutrient$1).tw,kw.

77. or/64-76

78. (62 or 63) and 77

79. exp Dietary supplements/ or ((diet or diets or dietary) adj3 (supplement$1 or supplementation$1)).tw,kw.

80. exp Antioxidants/ or (anti-oxidant$1 or antioxidant$1).tw,kw.

81. 79 and 80

82. exp "Bacterial Infections and Mycoses"/

83. exp Virus Diseases/

84. exp Parasitic Diseases/

85. exp Neoplasms/

86. exp Musculoskeletal Diseases/

87. exp Stomatognathic Diseases/

88. exp Respiratory Tract Diseases/

89. exp Otorhinolaryngologic Diseases/

90. exp Nervous System Diseases/

91. exp Eye Diseases/

92. exp Male Urogenital Diseases/

93. exp "Female Urogenital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications"/

94. exp Cardiovascular Diseases/

95. exp "Hemic and Lymphatic Diseases"/

96. exp "Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities"/

97. exp "Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases"/

98. exp "Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases"/

99. exp Endocrine System Diseases/

100. exp Immune System Diseases/

101. exp Disorders of Environmental Origin/

102. exp "Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms"/

103. or/82-102

104. 79 and 103

105. exp Fatty Acids, Omega-3/

106. ("omega 3" or omega3 or n-3 fatty acid* or n3 fatty acid* or n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid* or n-3 poly-unsaturated fatty acid* or n3 polyunsaturated fatty acid* or n3 poly-unsaturated fatty acid* or n-3 PUFA or n3 PUFA or PUFAs).tw,kw.

107. 103 and (105 or 106)

108. (dietary fat$1 and unsaturated fatty acid$1).tw,kw.

109. (adjuvant or complementary or unorthodox or unconventional or supplement$1 or supplementation$1).ti.

110. ("co-enzyme Q10" or ubiquinone).tw,kw.

111. exp *Carnitine/ or carnitine$1.ti.

112. exp *Glutamine/ or glutamine$1.ti.

113. exp *Phenylalanine/ or phenylalanine$1.ti.

114. exp *Glucosamine/ or glucosamine$1.ti.

115. *Chondroitin Sulfates/ or (chondroitin adj (sulfate$1 or sulphate$1)).ti.

116. (chondroitin or glucosamine).tw,kw. and (joint disease$1.tw,kw. or exp Joint Diseases/)

117. *Thioctic Acid/ or (lipoic acid$1 or thioctic acid$1).ti.

118. medium chain triglyceride$1.tw,kw.

119. exp *Phosphatidylserines/ or phosphatidylserine$1.ti.

120. *Melatonin/ or melatonin.ti. or melatonin treatment$1.tw,kw.

121. dhea.tw,kw.

122. exp *Taurine/ or taurine$1.ti.

123. exp *Lysine/ or lysine.ti.

124. exp *Tyrosine/ or tyrosine.ti.

125. gamma-oryzanol.tw,kw.

126. exp *Fatty Acids/ or fatty acid$1.ti.

127. exp *Amino Acids/ or amino acid$1.ti.

128. *S-Adenosylmethionine/ or s-adenosylmethionine.ti.

129. or/110-128

130. 109 and 129

131. (selenium adj2 vitamin e adj5 select).tw,kw.

132. Mind-Body Therapies/

133. ("mind body" or "mind and body" or mindfulness-based stress reduction$1 or yoga or ayurveda or ayurvedic or ayur veda or ayur vedic or siddha or guggal or guggul or balint group$1 or cyberbiology).tw,kw.

134. ((eye movement and desensitization) or emdr).tw,kw.

135. Flower Essences/

136. bach e.pn.

137. (bach and flower$1).tw,kw.

138. (flower$1 adj3 (essence$1 or remedy or remedies)).tw,kw.

139. (heliotherapy or sophrology or cayce).tw,kw.

140. "Wit and Humor as Topic"/

141. (wit or laughter therap$3 or ("past life" and therap$3) or meditation or kundalini or ((mental or guided or visualization or rehearsal) and imager$3) or hypnos#s or hypnotherap$3 or hypno-therap$3).tw,kw.

142. Simonton.tw,kw.

143. (biofeedback or bio-feedback or neurofeedback or neuro-feedback).tw,kw.

144. exp self-help groups/

145. (self-help group$1 or support group$1 or (group psychotherap$1 and cancer) or autogenic training or transpersonal psychology or trans-personal psychology or relaxation therapy or relaxation therapies or relaxation technique$1).tw,kw.

146. (("progressive relaxation" and (pain or anxiety)) or psychoneuroimmunology or psycho-neuroimmunology or psychosomatic medicine or psycho-somatic medicine or aversion therapy or aversion therapies).tw,kw.

147. ((art or dance or drama or music) adj (therapy or therapies)).tw,kw.

148. (dramatherapy or dramatherapies or psychodrama or psycho-drama or journaling or journalling).tw,kw.

149. exp Animal Assisted Therapy/

150. (animal assisted therapy or animal assisted therapies or pet therapy or pet therapies).tw,kw.

151. (feng shui or syntonic or (religion and medicine)).tw,kw.

152. ((alternative or faith or mental or special or spiritual) adj (healer$1 or healing)).tw,kw.

153. Magic/

154. (santeria or shaman* or voodoo or witchcraft).tw,kw.

155. (prayer* or praying or spiritualit* or psychospiritual* or psycho-spiritual* or holistic nursing or pastoral care).tw,kw.

156. alcoholics anonymous.tw,kw.

157. (ear candl* or kirlian).tw,kw.

158. exp Medicine, Traditional/

159. ((african or arabic or chinese or "east Asian" or folk or indigenous or oriental or primitive or tibetan or traditional) adj2 medicine).tw,kw.

160. (qi or "ch'i" or yin-yang).tw,kw.

161. (acupuncture or acupressure or electroacupuncture or electro-acupuncture or auriculoacupuncture or auriculo-acupuncture or dry needling or moxibustion).tw,kw.

162. (trigger point injection* or transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation).tw,kw.

163. (acumoxa or "fu zheng" or huangdi neijing or "qi gong" or qigong or "tai chi" or aikido).tw,kw.

164. (folklore or folk).tw,kw.

165. (home remedy or home remedies).tw,kw.

166. ((traditional or indigenous) adj healer*).tw,kw.

167. (unani or tibbi or tibb or curanderismo or kampo or "la'au" or yoruba).tw,kw.

168. ((aboriginal or aborigine$1) adj5 (medicinal or medicine)).tw,kw.

169. Formularies, Homeopathic/

170. Pharmacopoeias, Homeopathic/

171. Materia Medica/

172. (homeopath* or homoeopath* or materia medica).tw,kw.

173. Environmental Medicine/

174. environmental medicine.tw,kw.

175. (restricted environmental stimulation adj (therapy or therapies)).tw,kw.

176. Gardening/ or (allotment* or garden* or horticulture*).tw,kw.

177. exp Forests/ or (forest* or park or parks or tree or trees or woodland*).tw,kw.

178. Seasons/ or season*.tw,kw.

179. (environment* adj1 design*).tw,kw.

180. (biodiversi* or countryside* or green space* or greenspace* or landscape* or natural environment* or natural setting* or nature or open space$1 or outdoor$1 or scenery or scenic or wilderness*).tw,kw.

181. Environmental Health/ or environmental health.tw,kw.

182. or/176-181

183. exp Stress, Physiological/

184. ((psycholog* or physiolog*) adj3 stress*).tw,kw.

185. exp Relaxation/

186. ((stress* or relax*) adj5 (therap* or treatment* or rehabilit* or restorat*)).tw,kw.

187. or/183-186

188. 182 and 187

189. (radiesthesia or naturopath* or anthroposophy or eclecticism or wholistic or holistic).tw,kw.

190. kneipp.tw,kw.

191. kneipp s.pn.

192. (bowen adj3 (therapy or therapies or system$1 or technique$1)).tw,kw.

193. (phytotherap* or phyto-therap*).tw,kw.

194. Drugs, Chinese Herbal/

195. Herbal Medicine/

196. Plants, Medicinal/

197. Herb-Drug Interactions/

198. ((herb or herbs or herbal) adj2 (drug or drugs or medicinal or medicine*)).tw,kw.

199. pharmacognosy.tw,kw.

200. (chinese adj1 (herb or herbs or herbal)).tw,kw.

201. exp Plant Extracts/pd, tu

202. (plant extract$1 adj1 "estrogen-like").tw,kw.

203. (botanical$1 and (therapy or therapies or therapeutic* or medicine or preparation* or remedy or remedies or supplement*)).tw,kw.

204. Phytoestrogens/

205. phytoestrogen*.tw,kw.

206. artichoke extract$1.tw,kw.

207. Cimicifuga/

208. (cimicifuga or black cohosh).tw,kw.

209. (bitter orange adj3 (oil or oils)).tw,kw.

210. Bromelain/tu

211. (bromelain$1 and (antiinflammator* or anti-inflammator* or therapy or therapies or therapeutic* or treatment*)).tw,kw.

212. Flax/ or (flax or flaxseed*).tw,kw.

213. Ginkgo Biloba/

214. exp Ginkgolides/

215. (ginkgo biloba or bilobalides or ginkgolide$1).tw,kw.

216. Cannabis/tu

217. ((cannabis or marijuana or marihuana) adj3 medical).tw,kw.

218. Ellagic Acid/tu

219. (ellagic acid and ("therapeutic use" or antiinflammator* or anti-inflammator* or oral administration*)).tw,kw.

220. Hypericum/

221. (hypericum or johnswort or (john* adj wort)).tw,kw.

222. Garlic/

223. (garlic or allium sativum).tw,kw.

224. *sulfinic acids/tu and allicin.tw,kw.

225. exp Astragalus Plant/

226. (astragalus plant* or milk vetch or wooly locoweed*).tw,kw.

227. Hydrastis/

228. (golden seal or goldenseal or hydrastis).tw,kw.

229. exp Panax/

230. (panax or ginseng).tw,kw.

231. (glyconutrient* or glyco-nutrient*).tw,kw.

232. Punicaceae/

233. (pomegranate* or punicaceae or punica granatum).tw,kw.

234. Honey/tu

235. (Honey/ or honey.tw,kw.) and (therapy or therapies or therapeutic*).tw,kw.

236. (resveratrol and (therapy or therapies or therapeutic)).tw,kw.

237. Petasites/

238. (butterbur or butter bur or petasites).tw,kw.

239. Grape Seed Extract/

240. (grape seed$1 adj3 extract$1).tw,kw.

241. (barbasco or guarana or paullinia).tw,kw.

242. Citrullus colocynthis/

243. (bitter-apple$1 or bitter-cucumber$1 or colocynth$2).tw,kw.

244. Euterpe/

245. (acai berr$1 or acai palm$1 or assai berr$1 or assai palm$1 or euterpe).tw,kw.

246. ("ba wei di huang wan" or hachimijiogan or bear-bile or berberine$1 or borage oil$1 or arnica or cetyl myristoleate or "citrus pectin").tw,kw.

247. (Cinnamomum zeylanicum/ or cinnamon.tw,kw.) and (exp Antioxidants/ or (antioxidant* or anti-oxidant* or oil or oils).tw,kw.)

248. (Eugenia/ or (clove or cloves).tw,kw.) and (oil or oils or extract$1 or infusion*).tw,kw.

249. Cordyceps/ or cordyceps.tw,kw.

250. (Chamomile/ or Vaccinium macrocarpon/ or (chamomile or cranberr*).tw,kw.) and (exp Plant Extracts/ or (plant adj1 extract*).tw,kw.)

251. Echinacea/ or echinacea.tw,kw.

252. (permixon or saw palmetto).tw,kw.

253. Rubus/

254. (blackberr$3 or raspberr$3 or rubus).tw,kw.

255. Urtica dioica/ or (urtica dioica or stinging nettle$1).tw,kw.

256. Vincetoxicum/

257. (cynanchum atratum or vincetoxicum).tw,kw.

258. Kava/ or (kava or kawa or piper methysticum).tw,kw.

259. Crataegus/ or (crataegus or hawthorn*).tw,kw.

260. Aesculus/ or (aesculus or buckeye or horse chestnut$1).tw,kw.

261. Hamamelis/ or (hamamelis or (witch* adj hazel*)).tw,kw.

262. Vaccinium myrtillus/ or (bilberr* or vaccinium myrtillus or whortleberr*).tw,kw.

263. Ginger/ or (ginger or zingiber).tw,kw.

264. exp Garcinia/ or (garcinia or gamboge).tw,kw.

265. ((grapefruit* or grape fruit*) adj3 seed* adj3 extract*).tw,kw.

266. Aloe/ or aloe.tw,kw.

267. Capsicum/ or (capsicum* or pepper or peppers).tw,kw.

268. Tanacetum parthenium/ or (feverfew or chrysanthemum parthenium or tanacetum parthenium).tw,kw.

269. Camellia sinensis/ or camellia sinensis.tw,kw.

270. (Tea/ and green.tw,kw.) or green tea.ti.

271. Tea Tree oil/ or tea tree oil$1.tw,kw.

272. Glycyrrhiza/ or (glycyrrhiza or licorice or liquorice).tw,kw.

273. Pausinystalia/ or Yohimbine/ or (pausinystalia or yohimbe or yohimbin$1).tw,kw.

274. Rhodiola/ or (rhodiola or rose root$1 or roseroot$1).tw,kw.

275. Heliotropium/ or Valerian/ or (valerian* or heliotrope*).tw,kw.

276. Apitherapy/ or (apitherap* or bee pollen$1 or myrrh).tw,kw.

277. Cat's Claw/ or (cat's claw$1 or uncaria tomentosa).tw,kw.

278. Oenothera biennis/ or (evening primrose or oenothera biennis).tw,kw.

279. (dong quai or dang-gui or tang-kuei).tw,kw.

280. Trigonella/ or (fenugreek or foenumgraecum or poenumgraecum or trigonella).tw,kw.

281. Lavandula/ or (lavender or lavandula).tw,kw.

282. Grifola/ or (grifola or maitake).tw,kw.

283. Althaea/ or (althaea or marshmallow* or marsh mallow* or white mallow*).tw,kw.

284. (Morus/ or Olea/ or (Morus or mulberr* or Olea or olive$1 or pine bark$1).tw,kw.) and extract$1.tw,kw.

285. (hoodia and appetite$1).tw,kw.

286. Psyllium/ or psyllium.tw,kw.

287. stanol.tw,kw.

288. Curcumin/ or Curcuma/ or (curcum* or curcuviva or curamed or theracumin or tumeric or turmeric).tw,kw.

289. exp Mistletoe/

290. (mistletoe or iscador or "viscum album").tw,kw.

291. Mahonia/ or (hollyleaved barberr* or mahonia).tw,kw.

292. Mentha piperita/ or (Mentha piperita or peppermint$1).tw,kw.

293. Tripterygium/ or (leigong teng or thunder god vine$1 or thundergod vine$1 or tripterygium).tw,kw.

294. Milk Thistle/ or (milk thistle$1 or silybum marianum or silymarin or silybin).tw,kw.

295. Ephedra sinica/ or (Chinese ephedra or ephedra sinica or "ma huang").tw,kw.

296. Agaricales/tu or (mushroom* and (medicinal* or therapy or therapies or therapeutic* or antifungal* or anti fungal* or antineoplastic* or anti-neoplastic*)).tw,kw.

297. Ipomoea batatas/tu or purple sweet potato anthocyanin*.tw,kw.

298. Ephedra/ or ephedra.tw,kw.

299. (padma or hoxsey or essiac or kombucha or ((pau or palo) adj3 arco)).tw,kw.

300. (avellanedae or tabebuia impetiginosa).tw,kw.

301. "pc-spes".tw,kw.

302. (pumpkin seed$1 and (therapy or therapies or therapeutic*)).tw,kw.

303. pygeum.tw,kw.

304. (rice bran$1 and (diet or diets or dietary)).tw,kw.

305. (red yeast rice$1 or cholestin$1).tw,kw.

306. "sam-e".tw,kw.

307. Tinospora/ or tinospora.tw,kw.

308. exp Phyllanthus/ or phyllanthus.tw,kw.

309. exp Dietary Supplements/ or (dietary supplement$1 or dietary supplementation$1 or food supplement$1 or food supplementation$1 or nutriceutical* or nutraceutical* or nutri-ceutical* or nutra-ceutical* or probiotic* or prebiotic* or synbiotic*).tw,kw.

310. Diet Fads/ or (diet fad or diet fads).tw,kw.

311. Raw Foods/ or (raw food$1 or uncooked food$1).tw,kw.

312. Diet, Macrobiotic/ or macrobiotic diet$1.tw,kw.

313. (pritikin or mcdougall or gerson).tw,kw.

314. kelley.tw,kw. and (exp Diet Therapy/ or (diet therapy or diet therapies).tw,kw.)

315. Diet, Mediterranean/ or Diet, Paleolithic/ or Ketogenic Diet/

316. ((asian or atkins or cave man$1 or caveman$1 or cave men$1 or cavemen$1 or diamond or high fibre$1 or high fiber$1 or hunter-gather$1 or ketogenic or livingston-wheeler or low-carb$1 or low-carbohydrate* or mediterranean or ornish or paleolithic or paleo or stone age$1 or stoneage$1 or vegetarian or wigmore) adj3 (diet or diets)).tw,kw.

317. ((omega-3 or fish oil$1 or ((n3 or "n-3") and (oil or oils or PUFA or PUFAs or fatty acid or fatty acids))) and (diet or dietary or supplement*)).tw,kw.

318. (*Fasting/ or fasting.ti.) and dh.fs.

319. (exp Culture/ or cultural*.tw,kw.) and (exp Food/ or exp Diet/ or (food or foods of diet or diets).tw,kw.)

320. Diet, Vegetarian/ or (vegan or vegans or veganism or vegetarianism).tw,kw.

321. ((fruit or fruits or plant or plants) and juice$1 and (prevention or therapy or therapies)).tw,kw.

322. (exp Peptide Hydrolases/ or proteolytic enzyme$1.tw,kw.) and (exp Diet Therapy/ or (diet therapy or diet therapies or oral administration*).tw,kw.) and cancer*.tw,kw.

323. exp Phytosterols/ or (phytosterol$ or plant sterol$1 or plant steroid$1).tw,kw.

324. exp Soybeans/ or (soy or soya or soy bean$1 or soybean$1 or wssf).tw,kw.

325. exp Isoflavones/ or (isoflavone$1 or ipriflavone$1 or genistein or homoisoflavone$1).tw,kw.

326. (exp Antioxidants/ or (anti-oxidant$1 or antioxidant$1).tw,kw.) and (flavonoid$1 or bioflavinoid* or bioflavonoid*).tw,kw.

327. (exp Antioxidants/ or (anti-oxidant$1 or antioxidant$1).tw,kw.) and (Blueberry Plant/ or blueberr*.tw,kw.)

328. Shiitake Mushrooms/ or shiitake.tw,kw.

329. Stevia/ or (stevia or sweetleaf or sweetleaves).tw,kw.

330. Edetic Acid/ or (edetic acid$1 or edta or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid$1).tw,kw.

331. (health food$1 or functional food$1).tw,kw.

332. (Human Growth Hormone/ or human growth hormone$1.tw,kw.) and exp *Aging/

333. *5-Hydroxytryptophan/tu

334. (coley toxin$1 or "compound 714-X" or antineoplaston$1 or anti-neoplaston$1).tw,kw.

335. (exp Creatine/ or creatine$1.tw,kw.) and (Huntington Disease/ or Huntington*).tw,kw.

336. (shark$1 adj3 cartilage).tw,kw.

337. (powder* and cartilage and wound$1).tw,kw.

338. *Ozone/tu or (ozonetherapy or ozonetherapies or ozonotherapy or ozonotherapies or ozone therapy or ozone therapies or oxymedicine or hyperoxygenation therapy or hyperoxygenation therapies).tw,kw.

339. (Hydrogen Peroxide/ or hydrogen peroxide$1.tw,kw.) and (intravenous* or infusion*).tw,kw. and (dosage$1 or therapy or therapies or therapeutic).tw,kw.

340. (*Hyperbaric Oxygenation/ or (hyperbaric oxygen therapy or hyperbaric oxygen therapies or hyperbaric oxygenation*).ti.) not (wounds or wound healing or decompression sickness* or diving).tw,kw.

341. exp "Cell- and Tissue-Based Therapy"/ or (immunoaugmentative or revici or cell therapy or cell therapies or organotherapy* or organotherapies or tissue therapy or tissue therapies).tw,kw.

342. ("t tn" and vaccin*).tw,kw.

343. (enema$1 and coffee).tw,kw.

344. dibella.tw,kw.

345. ("hydrazine sulfate" or "hydrazine sulphate").tw,kw. and (exp Antineoplastic Agents/ or (antineoplastic* or anti-neoplastic* or therapy or therapies).tw,kw.)

346. ("greek cancer" adj3 cure$1).tw,kw.

347. Creatinine/ or (creatinine or krebiozen).tw,kw.

348. Amygdalin/ or (amygdalin or amygdaloside$1 or laetrile).tw,kw.

349. (urine adj5 (therapy or therapies)).tw,kw.

350. (livingston and (therapy or therapies)).tw,kw.

351. (maggot? and (therapy or therapies)).tw,kw.

352. (pannon or ranpirnase).tw,kw.

353. Reishi/ or (reishi or Ganoderma lucidum).tw,kw.

354. staphage lysate.tw,kw.

355. (cellasene or chacon).tw,kw.

356. Chelation Therapy/ or (chelation therapy or chelation therapies).tw,kw.

357. Calcium Chelating Agents/ or calcium chelat*.tw,kw.

358. Cryptoxanthins/

359. ("beta-caroten-3-ol" or beta-cryptoxanthin$1 or cryptoxanthin$1).tw,kw.

360. Morinda/ or (morinda or noni juice$1).tw,kw.

361. "mth-68".tw,kw.

362. Chitosan/ or chitosan.tw,kw.

363. (treatment* or therapy or therapies).tw,kw. and insulin.ti. and potentiation.ti.

364. Thymus Extracts/tu or Pancreatic Extracts/tu

365. (neural therapy or neural therapies or neuraltherap* or prolotherap* or electrodiagnostic* or electro-diagnostic* or iridolog* or iridodiagnos* or irido-diagnos*).tw,kw.

366. ((mora and (therapy or therapies)) or bioresonan*).tw,kw.

367. expressive writing.tw,kw.

368. (maruyama and vaccin*).tw,kw.

369. (neuroacoustic* or neuro-acoustic* or revici or naprapath*).tw,kw.

370. Manipulation, Spinal/ or ((spinal or lumbar) adj manipulation*).tw,kw.

371. Chiropractic/ or (chiropractic* or massage$1 or massaging).tw,kw.

372. Osteopathic Medicine/ or osteopath*.tw,kw.

373. (tuina or "tui na" or shiatsu or bodywork* or body work* or energy polarity healing or feldenkrais or pilates or pranic healing or reflexolog* or reflexotherap* or reflextherap* or reflex therap* or rolfing or zone therap*).tw,kw.

374. applied kinesiolog*.tw,kw.

375. ((body centered or body centred or body oriented) and (psychotherap* or psycho-therap*)).tw,kw.

376. (trager and (approach or body* or psychophysical or psycho-physical)).tw,kw.

377. alexander technique.tw,kw.

378. (post isometric contract* or hold relax*).tw,kw.

379. (conductive and education).tw,kw.

380. ((craniosacral or cranio-sacral) and (therapy or therapies or treatment)).tw,kw.

381. (effleurage or gravity inversion* or hellerwork* or myofascial release).tw,kw.

382. Ammotherapy/ or Balneology/ or Climatotherapy/ or Equine-Assisted Therapy/ or exp Hydrotherapy/ or Speleotherapy/

383. (amma therap* or ammotherap* or ammo therap* or sand bath* or sandbath* or hippotherap* or horseback riding therap* or hydrotherap* or whirlpool bath* or balneolog* or balneotherap* or thalassotherap* or climate therap* or climatotherap* or speleotherap* or spa therap*).tw,kw.

384. ((Finnish adj bath*) or (mud adj (pack* or bath*))).tw,kw.

385. ((jin and shin) or (hawaiian and lomi)).tw,kw.

386. (lymph adj3 drain*).tw,kw.

387. (meridian and therap*).tw,kw.

388. Mesotherapy/ or (mesotherap* or myotherap*).tw,kw.

389. (neurocranial restructuring or neuro-cranial restructuring or neuromuscular integrated action or neuro-muscular integrated action or reichian or petrissage or watsu).tw,kw.

390. Color therapy/ or (color therap* or colour therap* or chromatotherap* or chromotherap*).tw,kw.

391. Aromatherapy/ or (aromatherap* or aroma-therap*).tw,kw.

392. heat therap*.tw,kw.

393. exp Electric Stimulation Therapy/ or (electrotherap* or electro-therap* or electrostimulat* or electro-stimulat*).tw,kw.

394. holotropic*.tw,kw.

395. (saline and (nose or noses or nasal) and irrigat*).tw,kw.

396. ((alternate or (unilateral* adj1 force*)) adj2 breathing).tw,kw.

397. biofield*.tw,kw.

398. (healing art$1 or caring touch* or healing touch* or therapeutic touch* or reiki).tw,kw.

399. (natural and healing).ti.

400. (huna or external qi healing or psychic healing or (psychic and surger*) or sensory deprivation* or (polarity and therap*)).tw,kw.

401. Chronotherapy/ or (chronotherap* or chrono-therap*).tw,kw.

402. Vitalism/ or vitalism.tw,kw.

403. (bioelectromagneti* or bioelectro-magneti* or bio-electro-magneti* or biomagnet*).tw,kw.

404. Magnetics/tu

405. ((magnet* or electromagnetic*) and therap*).ti.

406. (bobath or blue light treatment* or holographic repatterning or thermochemoradiotherap* or thermo-chemoradiotherap* or thermo-chemo-radiotherap*).tw,kw.

407. (ultrasound* or radiofrequenc* or radio-frequenc*).tw,kw. and (Induced hyperthermia/ or (induced hyperthermia or therapeutic hyperthermia).tw,kw.)

408. (infrasound adj (therap* or treatment*)).tw,kw.

409. ((millimeter wave* or millimetre wave*) and (therapy or therapies or treatment)).tw,kw.

410. ion generat*.tw,kw.

411. (NCCAM or NCCIH).mp.

412. or/131-175,188-411

413. 56 or 61 or 78 or 81 or 104 or 107 or 108 or 130 or 412

414. (controlled clinical trial or randomized controlled trial or pragmatic clinical trial).pt.

415. clinical trials as topic.sh.

416. (randomi#ed or randomly or RCT$1 or placebo*).tw.

417. ((singl* or doubl* or trebl* or tripl*) adj (mask* or blind* or dumm*)).tw.

418. trial.ti.

419. or/414-418

420. 413 and 419

421. exp Animals/ not (exp Animals/ and Humans/)

422. 420 not 421

423. (comment or editorial or interview or news).pt.

424. (letter not (letter and randomized controlled trial)).pt.

425. 422 not (423 or 424)