News from the Cochrane Complementary Medicine Satellite Groups

We’re pleased to highlight the following recent publication from our colleagues in Beijing

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care: An Overview of 5834 Randomized Controlled Trials Published in Chinese (citation is and publication is open access).

In other news, our colleagues in Ottawa report that researchers from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the CAM Field base at the University of Maryland are in the midst of developing reporting guidance for clinical trials of dietary supplements. The team is currently completing a scoping review of the peer reviewed literature to identify key limitations others have identified in past trials in this area, and will shortly also launch an experts’ survey to collect additional feedback regarding deficiencies of reporting. Input from these two sources will be collated to formulate a master list of reporting considerations that will be voted upon by researchers, methodologists, clinicians, journal editors and other stakeholders in a Delphi survey to be held in Winter 2022. Upon completion of the Delphi survey, plans to develop an elaborations document to accompany the reporting checklist will be developed. This work is being funded by the US Office of Dietary Supplements.