New checklist available to support aromatherapy research


The Aromatic Research Quality Appraisal Taskforce (ARQAT) is a dedicated team of practitioners, educators, authors, and researchers in aromatherapy, formed with the goal of creating, sharing, and publishing information that will promote high-quality aromatic and essential oil research. To improve consistent creation and presentation of aromatherapy that can be validated and replicated, ARQAT has developed a reporting checklist called TREATS: Transparent Reporting for Essential Oil & Aroma Therapeutic Studies.

TREATS specifies a minimum set of “key components of research involving essential oils, their application, and olfactory considerations that ARQAT considers the minimum necessary for high-quality aromatherapy research.” The TREATS checklist aids appraisal of quality and can be used with any study design.

An article presenting the TREATS checklist and detailing its development was published in the Journal of Integrative and Complementary Medicine in late 2023. Further questions about the development and implementation of the checklist may be directed to the corresponding author for the paper, or to the ARQAT team.