Introducing "Critical thinking in health" resources in English

Critical thinking

How do we know if a certain treatment (preventive, pharmacological, surgical, rehabilitative, palliative, etc.) really works? To what extent is the scientific evidence reliable? How do we ensure that research into medical treatments best meets patients' needs? These are just some of the questions that interest not only health professionals but citizens in general. Furthermore, we are all exposed to countless messages about treatments. Many of them are unreliable and, for most people, it is difficult to identify them.

Our colleagues at Cochrane Iberoamérica have developed some resources to develop critical thinking about treatments, be critical consumers of health information and be able to make informed decisions. These include a series of "keys" developed from some of the "key concepts" of the Informed Health Choices project. The complete set of resources is available in Spanish, with a selection translated into English. We are sharing the translated resources on Cochrane Complementary Medicine social media channels.