Cochrane US Network completes Year 2 of Mentoring Program

Omolola Alade and Susan Wieland

The Cochrane US Network has recently completed Year 2 of its Mentoring Program, which seeks to "serve minority, under-resourced, and/or historically discriminated against participants to contribute to Cochrane's goal of improving health equity through access and availability to trusted health evidence for all." Dr. Susan Wieland, Director of Cochrane Complementary Medicine, participated in the 2022-23 program, acting as mentor to Omolola Titilayo Alade of Nigeria, PhD Global Health Student at McMaster University in Canada. Omolola and her co-mentee, Moriasi Nyanchoka of Kenya, will be presenting a poster at the 2023 Cochrane Colloquium in London, highlighting their work on reporting of equity factors in Cochrane reviews of lifestyle interventions for cardiovascular health.

The Cochrane US Mentoring Program runs annually during the academic year; more information is available on the Cochrane US website.