Cochrane Complementary Medicine supports development of an evidence-based roadmap for global traditional medicine collaborations

Logo for the WHO Global Traditional Medicine Centre

Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field Director Susan Wieland joined colleagues in Jamnagar, India in March 2024 to support developing guidance and building collaborations to advance the work of the WHO Global Traditional Medicine Centre (GTMC). Dr. Wieland has been co-chairing the External Advisory Group; at this event she concluded the Group’s work, recapped the importance of evidence to the WHO project in traditional medicine, and discussed opportunities for Cochrane involvement going forward with colleagues working in research, policy, and practice, as well as members of community organizations and the WHO team. 

The GTMC is a knowledge center for traditional medicine, with a "strategic focus on evidence and learning, data and analytics, sustainability and equity, and innovation and technology to optimize the contribution of traditional medicine to global health and sustainable development." full report of this event is available on the WHO website, along with more information and news about the activities of the Global Traditional Medicine Centre.