Climate-Health Working Group - Current Projects

Update on current projects

Editorial.  We are working on an editorial about how Cochrane should respond to the health impacts of climate change, to be published on the Cochrane Library.  The group of authors have sent me their thoughts about what to include and I am currently working on a draft that will go out to the team early next week.

Scoping review of the context, constraints and enablers relevant to developing and implementing evidence-based climate-health adaptation policy. 
This group has not yet met.  Several people have already expressed interest, but there is still time to join if you would like.   You can contribute by one or more of the following tasks: reviewing and making comments on the draft protocol; helping with screening search results; verifying data extraction; helping to write the manuscript. etc.  Group meetings will be scheduled according to the time zones of the people who wish to participate. If you are interested in the project, but want to learn more before making a commitment, it is fine to come to the first meeting and then make a decision.  I will be sending out a Doodle poll to this group early next week.

Developing and validating a climate-health search filter. 
The group has met once and has set out a plan of work. We are scheduled to meet again in August 2021.  

New project: Special Collection

Special Collections are a feature on the Cochrane Library which promote a group of Cochrane reviews on a particular topic.   I would like to create and publish a Special Collection of Cochrane reviews relevant to the climate crisis, with a publication date to coincide with the International Day of Climate Action on October 24.  We need a group to work on this project.  This will be an important and complicated discussion, as there currently aren't any Cochrane reviews that are explicitly written from a climate change perspective - and yet, decision-makers need evidence.  If you are interested in joining this group, please let me know.  You can contribute by attending group meetings in order to share your thoughts about developing the inclusion criteria for determining which Cochrane reviews could be considered as climate-relevant ; helping to screen potential reviews; helping to write the introductory text that will accompany the list of reviews, etc.  Group meetings will be scheduled according to the time zones of the people who wish to participate. If you are interested in the project but would like more information, please contact us

Exploratory Meeting for registering as a Cochrane Field

In the long term, our working group will be applying to register as a Cochrane Field.  We will most likely submit an application for this sometime in 2022.  Prior to applying, we are required to hold an Exploratory Meeting to set out Field priorities, formalize a governance structure, engage with stakeholders, discuss resources, etc.  I am proposing to hold this Exploratory Meeting in late November 2021.  We will proceed in a slightly unusual fashion - rather than holding the meeting in person, let's do it via a set of two or three online events, scheduled to encompass the range of global time zones.  This is an inexpensive, COVID-safe and climate-friendly way to meet.  I'll write to you more about this in a few weeks, and we can form a planning committee at that point.  

Would you like to work with this group on a project of your own?

If you have an idea for a project you want to lead, that fits within the purpose of this group, please let us know.  We can discuss ideas about how you can engage with this group to move your work forward.