Climate-Health Working Group - Current Projects

Current projects

Our group is currently working on four projects:

  • Editorial, with our recommendations about how Cochrane should respond to the climate crisis, to be published on the Cochrane Library.
  • Scoping review of the context, constraints and enablers relevant to developing and implementing evidence-based climate-health adaptation policy.  
  • Developing and validating a climate-health search filter.   
  • Writing a review article for The Gerontologist about the impacts  of climate change on elderly populations.  

In 2022 we will begin working with the Office of National Statistics of the National Health Service in the UK, on a three-year project titled, "Developing standards and models for describing the interaction of climate and health in global official statistics."  The climate-health working group, under the direction of Denise Thomson, will contribute expertise in evidence synthesis and knowledge translation to this initiative.